About Us

About Us

— Our Mission —

Psych-it began in late 2007 as a project dedicated to bringing Psychology and self-awareness to the Australian public. The project since expanded considerably, both in scope and in reach, and is continously evolving. The psych-it project offers everyone the abilty to learn more about themselves and in doing so promotes self-awareness.

— What We Do —

Psych-it is a an ongoing sampling project that samples people’s attitudes, values and beliefs using psychological tests. Once you complete these tests, you will receive immediate, normative feedback and at the same time be contributing to ongoing research on Australian, as well as world trends. The basic normative feedback for all of our questionnaires is entirely free. For a small fee, psych-it subscribers can also access high-quality, phone-based personalised feedback, delivered by experienced psychologists.

Scientific research in Psychology, particularly that based on questionnaire-based data, is currently limited mostly to the use of university students as the primary and obvious focus of research. However, this imposes many limitations on the quality of research, including challenges to the need to use representative samples. The Scientific Research section offers Australian researchers the chance to reach much wider audiences in different parts of Australia.

Psych-it is a continuously developing project, and we are working on many exciting new ideas all the time, such as the Psychlopedia project, and an online database for complete research work by students. Our initiatives are all serving a common purpose- making Psychological knowledge accessible to the wide community who uses the web, and creating a bridge between professionals and the public.

The Psych-it project is an initiative of Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs and Dr Sarah Ogilvie, both psychologists from Melbourne, Australia. It is based on a successful international model.