A labret is a type of body piercing. It is a type of adornment that is attached to the facial lip (labrum). It refers generally to a piercing that is below the bottom lip, above the chin. Labret is also referred to as s a “tongue pillar.” There are different types of labret variations available based on precisely where the piercing is positioned on the lower lip, including a vertical labret through the top of the lower lip rather than in front of the lip tissue.

Labrets are also available in steel, titanium and black steel for labret piercings & lip piercings. Sometimes, internally threaded labrets with ball & cone are attached. Externally threaded labrets have the thread on the outside of the bar. Internally threaded labrets are threaded on the inside hollow end of the bar. This provides a smooth external Labret Bar surface for comfortable insertion & removal. People who wish to get labret jewellery piercing done can check out the various stores offering such service. There are many web sites offering the required information online.

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