“Energy and thought work speeds up goal attainment much more than physical work alone. Physical is the most visible, but it is only the final stage.”

Alright, so you’ve got a move your really struggling with so you look at the “how to” page in a surfing magazine and yep there it is…stoked! They break the technique down for you into steps; “crouch, touch water, extend out into the lip, grab, spot the landing” and boom you’ve done it. That’s all good, your amped to do it, you paddle out and try a few but no luck. You think some negative stuff about it and a belief gradually builds up in your mind. “I can’t do airs or cutbacks or turns etc” You’ll keep trying and trying the move but you’ve got that limiting belief there and every time you fail it gets stronger. “I can’t do them”. You might think I just need to work on my technique more, practice harder, or break it down again but if you really want to see some change you firstly need to overcome that negative belief that is holding you back from improving.

As Surfing is such a dynamic, in the moment activity its pretty hard to be thinking about a move as different stages of technique, it happens so quickly anyway and being preoccupied with technique often stiffens you up and can really take the fun out of a surf.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4289342


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