Quit Smoking with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Smoking is an addiction which is extremely tough to get rid of. The addiction of nicotine reigns supreme. Side by side, we are all aware of the life threatening consequences of this dependency. Various systems of medicine are trying to come up with a comprehensive solution to help people free themselves of this habit. They yield varying degree of success. However, the traditional Chinese medicine when used in yields fantastic results. It is worth the effort. Let’s look at the various approaches it adopts to cure one of smoking addiction.


It is one of the most popular methods used to help kill the addiction of smoking. It is a simple yet highly effective method. It also helps relieve stress. According to TCM, the urge to smoke arises due to blockages inside your body that triggers feelings of tension, anxiety, stress, anger, and grief. Nicotine can temporarily dampen these feelings to lend a short-term relaxation. But it also builds a pile of toxins inside the body including phlegm and tar. It has grave consequences in the long term. Acupuncture can naturally regulate the blood flow by eliminating blockages to induce feelings of relaxation and relief. It also helps the body remove residual tar and nicotine naturally thereby decreasing the cravings. The most common points used are ear points and body points. Ear points are Shenmen, Kidney, Sympathetic, Lung Upper and Lung Lower and Hunger or Mouth. The main body points are Tim Mee and the Four Gate Points. These must regularly be pressed, even at home.

Chinese medicinal herbs

Chinese herbs are highly effective in reducing your reaction to stresses that are the main triggers of the urge to smoke. They also help in controlling cravings and in tackling withdrawal symptoms. They work in three ways – to help in dryness and tissue repair, to arrest irritability and to control cravings. Some of the most common supplements used are –

  • Lung Yin Tonic like Ophiopogonis Combination is used to moisten both lungs and mouth which in turn prevents cravings. Less smoking helps in repairing the tissue which has gone damaged due to smoking.
  • Chinese herbal formula like Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell is used to relieve irritability and anxiety arising during the detox process. It is also used by many to relieve stress and prevent any relapse.
  • Lobelia Tea or Green tea is advised during the detox period to keep the tissues overflow with elements that would kill nicotine cravings. The herbal potion is so powerful that it can eliminate toxins of a snake bite.