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Have you completed a postgraduate-level training in Psychology? Remember the months you've spent writing up your PhD, Dpsych, Masters or Honours thesis in Psychology or related area? Keen to make your work known to others who may be interested in finding out more about your area of investigation, or that are in the process of developing their own thesis idea? In Psych-it, we believe that significant work completed by students as part of their training never gets the attention it should get, and many unique contributions unfortunately never get looked at again!

Well...Psych-it is now in the process of hosting complete theses in Psychology and related areas. We already have theses in such topics as early detection of dementia , frames used in negotiation, and the relationship between attachment and OCD available for complete viewing. More theses are being added regularly so keep checking for updates. If you would like to see your thesis online, please drop us a line, and help us let others know about your important work!

Author Title Institution Department Type Year
Guy Doron Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: The Role of Attachment Representations, Perceptions of Self and the World in Cognitive Theory of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder University of Melbourne Department of Psychology PhD 2006
Sarah Ogilvie Negotiator Framing of Conflict and Changes in Framing Over Time University of Melbourne Department of Psychology Dpsych 2006
Alex Bahar-Fuchs Screening for Cognitive Deterioration in the Elderly: Detection of Clock-Anomalies and Object-Place Association University of Melbourne Dept. of Psychology Honours 2004
Richard Chambers Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Function, and Affect University of Melbourne Dept. of Psychology Honours 2004
Dawn Senathi-Raja A Case Study of Auditory Agnosia Following a Right Temporal Stroke: Comparing Cognitive and Perceptual Approaches University of Melbourne Department of Psychology Honours 2004
Sarah Ogilvie Implicit Knowledge of and Explicit Beliefs About Gender Stereotypes and Their Relationship to the Perceived Competency of Women La Trobe University, Bundoora School of Psychological Science Honours 1998