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Can you boost your creativity?

Creativity... wouldn't we all want to be able to call ourselves creative?
Is creativity a trait one is born with? or is better viewed as a skill, an ability, one which can be practiced and improved?
Watch a video interview with Dr Amantha Imber, an international expert on boosting creativty

New HBO series-'In Treatment'

written by Alex Bahar-Fuchs - 08/04/2008
Recently, the American TV network HBO (which is responsible for so many TV delights - including one of my personal favourites - 'Curb your Enthusiasm') started broadcasting a fascinating new daily drama, that centres on the relationship between a psychologist and his clients. ...

Presentation of surprising discoveries in psychology: by Simon Moss

In this DVD excerpt, Dr Simon Moss, from Monash University, presents some of the latest, unintuitive scientific discoveries to the Australasian Talent Conference. He shows how various exercises, such as clenching the left fist, activate circuits in the brain that improve decision making, creativity, engagement, resilience, cooperation, flexibility, and honesty.
To view the presentation, click here

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