Alex Bahar-Fuchs, PhD

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Alex is a Canberra-based Psychologist and a Churchill Fellow with specialist training in Clinical Neuropsychology. In his PhD, he investigated the deterioration of the sense of smell in the early stages of dementia. Portions of his work in this area have been presented both nationally and internationally. In addition to managing psych-it, Alex is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing in The Australian National University. In his research and clinical activities, Alex focuses on the early diagnosis and management of dementia and other conditions of older age, as well as on optimising healthy ageing. Alex also has a small part-time private practice, in which he is able to see a small number of clients. To check out Alex's resume click here.

Having moved to Australia in 2002, Alex has a passion for cross-cultural Psychology, philosophical foundations of psychology, and is interested in the social, historical, and geopolitical contexts in which the field of Psychology continues to evolve.

Through project Psych-it, Alex is hoping to bring Psychology and self-awareness closer to the Australian public, and to promote wellbeing. The current climate in Australia is ripe for a more concentrated effort to link the public with the field of Psychology, and to promote a culture of self-knowledge, increased insight, and a better understanding of society at large.

Through project psych-it, Alex further wishes to promote the internet as a medium to enhance the dialogue among professional psychologists and between the professional community and the general public in different parts of Australia. The internet has the advantage of crossing physical boundries, and making Australia feel smaller, and more accessible.

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