Creativity - Interview with Dr Amantha Imber'

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Creativity... wouldn't we all want to be able to call ourselves creative?

Is creativity a trait one is born with? or is better viewed as a skill, an ability that can be practiced and improved?
Dr Amantha Imber is a Melbourne-based Organisational Psychologist who uses scientifically supported methods to boost the creativity of individuals and of organisations. Dr Imber has a great talent in taking academic findings in the area of creativty, and applying them to real-world situations in an accessible way.

Recently, Dr Sarah Ogilvie from Psych-it met with Dr Imber to discuss some of the things that make her, and the services she provides through her company Inventium, an incredibly sought-after speaker by leading organisations from around the world. In this interview, Dr Imber also discusses her new book The Creativity Formula.

Click below to watch the interview

The Creativity Formula

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